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Client Love

I am so grateful to walk these paths with you!

A huge shoutout to all of you incredible womxn who show up

for your self and your higher mission & purpose!

Rachel Sakhi


The biggest change I can see is in the connection to myself and my spiritual side. I feel calmer and more centered in my career, with the ability to find a much better balance between work and self care.

I feel a peace inside that I haven't felt for years!

I began to really feel good inside and out and my friends and family definitely noticed that change. I'm calmer, healthier and happier!

Melina was amazing at helping me through this process with her support, her ideas and this safe environment she created where I was able to open up and share my experiences. She is such a lovely, soulful human being and her ability to hold space is simply wonderful. I felt truly listened to and supported by her every step of the way”


Laura Marstatt


This coaching really helped me to become MY OWN BOSS

again and take responsibility for my life!

Even though I had a bunch of therapy sessions and do a lot of spiritual self-development, I was surprised how far this coaching would guide me.

The time before our coaching I was stressed, I was not happy nor very friendly with myself and with every session we had, I felt much more positive! I switched from "control over eating & sports" to "eating more intuitively", of what I feel is good for me in every moment and also not to torment myself with too much sports. Instead I found a balance which makes me feel much more relaxed in my body & in my mind.

The fears and imaginations of what could happen in worst cases were replaced by experiences, which weren't that scary at all!

Melina made me feel very comfortable and secure, which was very important to totally open up and share my biggest wishes and longings.

She always brought me back to the point, let myself express, what I've needed in that moment and always sending me good vibes, motivation and kind words. I feel a lot of gratitude and I don't know how to thank her for those experiences!

Sara Schneider

"I know now that I can do & achieve EVERYTHING!

I never worked with a coach before and my expectations for this

coaching were very high. I wanted to get out of my situation,

where I was desperate, sad, joyless and dissatisfied.

I wanted to live my day consciously and contentedly again and accept my body with all his needs and give him room to develop. 

At our first coaching session, I was totally excited and full of energy and I really enjoyed working on myself to sort out my attitudes and thoughts and to work intensively with myself. I understand now that I do not have to feel guilty about anything and that everyone is responsible for themselves, 

that was a huge burden that fell away from me.

I now consciously listen to my body, I am so much more equable and

I dare to things that I did not think possible before. I just DO!

Without thinking too much about what could go wrong or what I'm afraid of. I'm going to do it anyway! I'm so thankful and confident that I can

do everyything! And I quit my old job where I was not happy for a while and found something I really enjoy! I found ways to trust myself and trust

more in life. I live more in the "now" and have a more loving

relationship with my body, which feels so damn good!

I am so grateful for Melina for supporting me on my journey!

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