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Paradox of life

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Same same but different. Isn’t it paradox, life? And what it does with us? Why does something feel so wrong and right at the same time?

I thought about that a lot when I lived in India for several months. And yesterday, too, an inspiration has come to me about this clearly ambiguous event. I've been dealing with what my vocation is for a long time, what I'm really burning for, what motivates me, but also helps other people. In a meditation by Veit Lindau I should ask my inner self for advice what exactly it is, what I wish for, what my soul desires. And without thinking, without the effort, what "Melina" now wants, came the sentence: "help other people to find their way.“

I may not find my way until I help others find their way.

Aha. Well, how can I help other people if I do not even get my own organized or know exactly what I want, what makes me happy? And while I was working yesterday, I had to start grinning …

About our narrow-minded, patterned thinking, which simply leaves us no great freedom! It came to my mind that exactly THAT, helping other people on their way is exactly my way! That this process of emergence makes me happy! Who tells me that I first have to know exactly which way is my way to help others? I do not want to define and guide others, which way they have to go, cause they know that themselves. But just start helping! Today I got a quote from Rumi to smile:

As soon as we go on our way, the way appears.

That's it! We constantly set ourselves our limits! My mind makes me believe I can not do that because ... He ALWAYS finds a reason, if not thousands. But that's not the point. We should start thinking big, thinking freely, breaking out of patterns that are not ours. And therein lies this paradox again!

I may not find my way until I help others find their way.

I always have to laugh at such inspirations. As if my soul has been trying for a long time to tell me this and I have finally listened to and understood "Melina". I firmly believe that we always have all the necessary knowledge in us. Our soul is absolute and we have a power in us that is greater than anything we can imagine.

I also used to experience it a lot when I listened to others with their "wisdom" and at the same time thought: "Why are you talking like that and live completely differently or exactly the opposite? First of all, start with you!" Do you know that too?

(I've often heard such things from my dad, who makes such smart things and has just reacted differently before, so I'd like to shake him and ask him if he knows what he just said / did.)

We are so hard on others because we are so hard on ourselves. We condemn others because we condemn ourselves. Why can not we simply accept these wisdom for ourselves and live it without condemning others because they say so, but do not live it? It has nothing to do with the others! Just let them live on. Because even their soul knows what it is about, what is good for them. But maybe they have not internalized it yet and have to say it themselves a few more times. Because we only internalize what we are constantly repeating. Over and over again. Otherwise athletes could just stop exercising once they had a great day and everything went perfectly! For what then the whole thing?

I often give advice that makes me think: do it yourself!

But I'm sure that for the most part I say that to myself, not just to my counterpart. I just have to repeat it often enough. Sure, it's nice, of course, if it also brings something to the other. Because we're all connected, it does not really matter if I say that to myself or to others.

I think it has the same effect. So I want to stop whacking away your wisdom and telling others to look at you first. Because if everything was fine with me, I would not resonate so much, it would not touch me at all. But since I feel a resistance in me, this conflict is not yet resolved.

What we do not like about others, has always something to do with us. We know that! What we do not like about others, we have in ourselves, may not live it, are afraid to let it out. It's about ourselves!

I want to encourage you to just start! Even if others tell you, you can not do that because ...

... you do not have the right training!

... you have the same problems!

... you are not really healthy yourself!

These are just fear mechanisms in the minds of others. Show them that the way appears when we go on the way. We have to make a start for that! Start walking! Even if the way is uncertain and we have no idea what is coming. (And that's usually the case).

We set our limits ourselves! Start thinking more freely! What would you do if EVERYTHING is possible? Not "would be", because EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Life is not just black or white! That's really hard to describe, because how can one thing be like that and at the same time different? Only those who have already experienced, can understand it. I wish you such moments! They are amazing! And then maybe you have to start laughing too ;)

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