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This Book changed my life!

It's a BIG book, but I read it within a week....

I was searching for Ascension Symptoms at first, cause I had a hard time struggling and I didn't know what happened to me... I felt like burned-out or having a hard depression and I searched for something on YouTube. There I found Dolores Cannon and this AMAZING book:

I immediately felt that there is something in it that would help me understand.

I always felt there was something more to do here on Earth than having this average kind of life... you are born, go to kindergarten, go to school, have a job, have a family, go on holidays, hate your job and live or the weekends and so on.

This book opened up something that I always felt deep down. And it offered me so much insight! Yes, I am here as a volunteer. To help humanity to ascend. I feel I belong to the

2. wave, as Dolores Cannon said: They love to be by themselves more, but actually they are here to be with people cause with their energy they can affect others in their vibration.

And they are here for a special mission.

"Dolores Cannon’s career as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression spanned almost 50 years and had taken her on an incredible journey along countless fascinating destinations." She worked with thousands and thousands of people and these stories in

her book are fascinating me so much!!

I can only recommend this book as it gave me a deeper insight in my own mission here on earth. It gave me more purpose and a deeper knowing of who I am.

She describes many situations with her clients as they had past life regressions, and not only about past life here on earth.... it goes much much further...

This is only the first book I read but I feel drawn to read more of her. She passed away in 2014, but even her videos on YouTube are so worth to explore who she was and what an incredible work she did.

Much love, Melina

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