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Paths we have to walk

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Yoga teaches us to live the moment and to consciously perceive it.

For example, if we find „the table“ very uncomfortable, we wish to return to Sava Asana as soon as possible. Since it is cozy, relaxed and we feel well. The „Tri Dosha Series“ f.ex. always includes the same sequence of exercises. So I know exactly when this special asana comes. And I'm already "looking forward" to five asanas!

I can not really get involved in the present asana and enjoy it, it's almost impossible, because my thoughts (and yes, it's just the thoughts !!!) are already with my not-loved-asana. Because I already know how it will feel because I know which muscles will hurt and how happy I will be when it's over. Wow. And what about all the great asanas in between? I barely notice them.

All my attention is on the unpleasant things. At the moment I think a lot about my work.

I am dissatisfied. It does not fill me at all and I would love to do something different.

A completely different environment, new views, goals that feel worthwhile for me!

And yes, there is even an offer that I feel very attracted to. I was really excited! Yes, I will do that! The environment is great, the philosophy is mine!

And then ... then came the doubt. Is that really the right thing for me? To sit in an office again? I did not want that under any circumstances! I wanted to be self-reliant, to decide myself, when to work, what to work, to pursue my goals and not the goals of others who do not take me along.

I catch myself so often that I find something totally good and if it is not implemented immediately, I'll shred myself everything. And then the fantastic idea is just scrap. That's not nice. Because I want to go further, change something. What keeps me constantly from such decisions?

Habits. Fear of change. Leaving the comfort zone. I have absolutely no idea what the new job will be like. How the job is, what kind of people are working there. I do not even know if they would invite me for a job interview! I have not even submitted an application! You have to imagine this!

It's just like in the asanas. I "think", I know what to expect, because I have not experienced it another way. My subconscious can only reproduce what it already knows. And since I only know my views, it always goes the same way: „That's probably not for you. Stay where you are now. Maybe something else will happen.“ And it usually stays that way. At a "maybe".

I am so afraid to get involved in something new, although I always say that I am so open! I imagine how this asana will be, I feel it, even though I'm not even in it. Our thinking is pretty crazy.

But the more I am in the now, the more I enjoy and I enjoy every single asana, no matter which one it is, whether I like it or not, cause that's just not the point!

Life is not about what you like or not! It is only experiences that we want to do. And it does not matter, at least not for the soul, whether that feels good or bad to us. Life wants to be experienced by us.

We can relax in any situation and see what's coming. Because we do not know it before! That would make it a lot easier.

In the asanas, I've noticed over time that unpleasant asanas turn into favorite asanas when you surrender to them, just let go. At first, I always waited for my favorite asanas and I wanted to bring my unpleasant as soon as possible behind me. I was too much in my head instead of in my body. With time it did not really matter what came. I stopped thinking and just started flowing, taking every asana and consciously taking it. That's how I want to handle it with my life too. Not so much looking for what's good or bad because we just can not look to the future!

Things we think are predictable change at the last minute. Situations suddenly change that we were afraid of and wanted to run away from and turn out to be one of the best moments of our lives! Because everything is possible! Everything!

Just do it - just do it! What do you have to lose? To be unhappy further? Are you suffering from depression, burn-out? No way out?

Or dare something new - no matter what. Experience. The first step is the hardest, but also the most important. Because everything usually flows from there by itself.

And if not, we can always change direction, because that only shows us that this does not suit us quite so well.

Our life is a series of steps, everyone of them wants to be lived, committed. Sometimes we find shortcuts, sometimes holes in the ground. Stones are in the way or someone reaches out to get us up and walk on. But it is very important to go further and not stop.

Because when we do that, our minds come in and make us believe we need to be careful, watch out, choose which path is the right one. And we stop, make ourselves comfortable, find others who will join us and we start talking about what would be right. And these discussions are never ending. Because there is no answer! They do not exist. And that's not the point.

But that's how we've been raised to pay attention to safety. Control. Fear.

Therefore, we prefer to stop and see what "mistakes" others make and are jealous

of the people who have found their way. But neither way is better or worse.

After all, it's not about the others, it's about us.

The paths are open to us. But we have to walk ourselves.

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