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The Story of Divine Intimacy‏

Building a bridge between the spiritual and material realm. Cause we are a spiritual being having a human experience. A big part of our purpose here in life is loving ourselves. Why isn't it enough to love others? Well, that’s a natural result from loving ourselves first. When you know about universal laws, you’ll recognize that everything outside of yourself is only a reflection of your inside. As above so below. Micro cosmos - macro cosmos.

And cause we cannot change other people or circumstances we have to start with ourselves! There is no other way for change. Take back your power! You can blame other people for your unhappy life, you can blame your partner, who doesn’t love you like you want, you can blame your boss for that unfulfilling job, you can blame your friends for not supporting you and therefore you can’t reach your dream. BUT. What does that change?

In fact. Nothing. You only give away your power. Take it back. Start with ourself.

So many of them start their spiritual journey. Sometimes after a more or less painful situation in their life.

Divine Intimacy allows you to build and celebrate your life. To enjoy your relationships, your work, your pure being. So many people are slowly realizing that the material pleasures like money, a house, a career, even relationships or children (whatever may be there, they „think“ it will fulfill them) are literally NOT fulfilling them. Deep inside they feel „there has to be something more“ or „I want something more“! So many of them start their spiritual journey. Sometimes after a more or less painful situation in their life.

I was there too. It was in 2012 when my grandfather died after 2 years of illness (ALS) and two weeks later my boyfriend left me. Heavy time. Everything seemed to fall apart. I started thinking about the purpose in my life. I read a lot about death and what comes after it and what the church was saying about it. Couple of months later I started with yoga. There I met a woman (my yoga teacher) and I instantly knew she is going to change my life. Only four months later I was heading to a 5 week trip to India with her and three other students and friends. I immediatly felt at home. I knew I lived there many other lifes before and it felt so good to be back.

My yoga teacher showed us her Ashram where she lived and learned. We stayed there only a couple of days but I knew I had to come back. We left for this trip in January. In June I told my boss I have to quit my job and go to India for 5-6 months.

I was actually not that person who would decide such things that quickly, but I simply KNEW I had to do it. There was no other way. And I can say this time in the Ashram was the best time in my life so far. I LOVED IT!

It was beautiful, insightful, yet challenging in a lot of ways.

Back home I started to work at my parents kiosk. Which was "ok". I didn’t have to look for something else, so there was no stress. Even I didn’t knew what else I wanted to do. I didn’t want to go back to my old job, but now what?

I started making my own jewellry, learned how to sew some beautiful bags with Indian fabrics and I loved creating those things and teaching myself how to do it.

But after a while I lost this passion about it and that big question was still in my mind.

What do I want to do with my life?

I needed to do something meaningful. I didn’t want to work just for the sake of it. I wanted to make a difference, I wanted more…

In January 2017 I went to my first yoga festival (Bodensee). And I joined a class which was called: Yoga Trance Dance. At first I wasn’t that much interested in it, cause I didn’t know what it would be about. Well, dancing with yoga in between?! I had no clue. But it changed so much in me!

I never felt that sensual and juicy in my body! It was incredible! There were men and women and the music started with deep drum sounds. We whiped on the floor, our hands on the other person’s knees next to us. It was like a meditation and then we layed down on the floor, crawling left to right in every position our body lead us. Completely free, no thinking.

Such a liberating experience!

I always struggled with my appearance as a woman. Well, it was in the 6th grade, when every girls body change into more feminine curves. Hips got wider, the breasts got bigger. For me there was no problem with my breats. But there were actually „no feminine hips“. My shoulders were wider than them and I looked more like a man than a woman. And I also had no fat on my legs. It was pure muscle and I hated that. It didn’t make it better that my schoolmates told me so. I felt like there was something completely wrong with me.

That I am not normal and I started to hate my body for what it looked like. I hated wearing shorts or skirts (horrible!) or very skinny trousers, where you can see everything. I was shy,

not confident at all and I couldn’t accept myself. Since that I had massive body issues.

I struggled with food, I gained weight. It got worse and worse. And even in relationships

I depended my worth on my sexual attraction. If there was none, I felt worthless. I wanted

to be loved, cause I was not able to love myself.

I couldn’t speak up for myself, I didn’t know what I wanted, I was dependant on others,

I couldn’t express myself freely. I was not myself. For so many years.

And in not being and accepting myself, my body started to bring out some skin issues. I got kind of neurodermitis, I had colonical problems, I got allergic to different kinds of food.

Of course! Mind over matter. Mind controls matter. When I practice negative self-talk I am going to manifest that somehow.

I tried some diets, I tried to be vegan (where I gained sooo much weight. Nut butter was a problem :D ) I got massive acne on my chin. It was completely red and inflamed, so embarrassing. I just didn’t know that my body was detoxing. It looked horrible. After that I avoided milk products, eggs, meat and gluten.

"There was an immediate reaction if I tried to eat it."

There are some incredible books from Kimberly Snyder. I love them! They got me so much insight on nutrition, detox, vegan food, probiotika etc.

I really got into it. Taking care of my body. Listening what it needs and what not.

In 2018, after a long time of research what I want to do with my life, I found a book about shamans and how to bring back lost pieces of the soul. Cause they say we can loose some pieces through trauma and heavy situations (especially when we are kids) and to rescue ourselves by splitting up those pieces. I wanted to know more about that.

That time, everyone else’s life seemed so structured and they all knew what they wanted, that I felt absolutely lost and hopeless.

I was 31 years old. I had no relationship, no fulfilling job, I moved back to my parents house.

I felt like a complete fail. Negative self-talk included.

Meaning and purpose. That was still so important to me. I kinds knew that I wanted to help people.

Anyway, I was so interested in that shamanic book that I started searching for a shaman in my area to help me bring my soul pieces together. And I found him. Only one hour away from me. I booked a session and it was so incredible… I felt it in my body when those missing parts came back into my body. When my 3-year old self came back, I just started crying, it felt like I missed that part of me so so much and then there was this amazing "Welcome back home" feeling. I felt complete again. Full of myself. I am so thankful for that!

And I booked another session to find out what my purpose is… cause that was the other important area in my life that I needed to find out.

He told me that my purpose lies within my heart chakra. That I wanted to help people,

I wanted to make them happy. But how?

For quite a while I was interested in „coaching“. It just resonated with me. And then I came across an instagram post from a woman I went to school with and she talked about that awesome „coaching online course“ she started.

After some research and also looking for some other coaching school in my area I decided from my heart that it had to be that online course from Beautiful You.

I fell in love! That was just me!

"I loved this course from the beginning!"

My coaching buddy was the best I could imagine and the course went on. Well, what kind of coaching did I want to do? I started to figure that out in my sessions with Rachel (my coaching buddy). It started with: Hm, what about spiritual self-love coach?

Cause I knew that everything starts with loving and accepting yourself. I did a wonderful exercise about finding my ideal clients and my niche became clearer and clearer.

After one session, I was listening to an interview at the BYCA homepage about Susana Fiori: Love, Sex and Desire. And it blew my mind!

Yes that’s it! That’s what I want too!

But not simply the sexuality with someone else. I wanted to talk about that sensuality and intimacy of oneself! How important it is to love that unique divine vessel we have.

Our temple! It’s not just about spirituality, neighter just about the body.

It’s the connection with each other.

I felt it myself in this Trance Dance Session and every time I danced by myself in my room that this is such a powerful and fulfilling tool. To touch myself like a lover would do, to take care of myself in every way. Physically and emotionally. There is no judgement, no shame.

Only this expression of my true self, my divine essence in this beautiful body. What a gift!

It’s not about the intimacy with someone else. It is the very intimacy with yourself!

A divine intimacy! And to create a space for every woman that longs for this connection,

I am here for. A coach for Divine Intimacy. Feel free to contact me and let me know how I can help you, it would be a pleasure to help you reconnect with your true essence, your divine self. You simply deserve the best life you could imagine! I am here for you.

Much love, Melina

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