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My absolute passion is to discover what this life is all about, what we are here for and how to raise consciousness for a fulfilled life. I love to connect the dots as I am constantly learning and discovering about everything that life is.


I connect sensuality and spirituality as I 100% percent believe that the main reason to BE here, is to remember who we really are (on a spiritual level) and to experience everything our soul is longing for (on a physical level). 

And I want to help YOU to find your way back to yourself &

to experience life as you want it.


I am an INFJ and a Taurus (stubborn sometimes, but when I want something I go for it).

I am in love with nature, animals and everything beautiful. 

One day I want to build a tiny house and live very close to nature.

I need a lot of alone time to re-connect with myself. 

Books, crystals and tarot/oracle cards are tools I always have with me.

I lived in a Yoga-Ashram in India for 8 months which was life-changing.

I am so grateful for my 3 siblings and how we share this life together.

I am multi-passionate and sometimes I want to do everything at once.

I love to create! Drawing, designing, writing, birthing new ideas.

I created my own Tarot Deck (aham devi tarot) as a tool for self-discovery & self-development.

Trance Dance opened a whole new level of body-consciousness for me.

Cooking and eating are SO important to me!

I love vegan food! Coconut & avocado for life!

I am sensitive, empathetic and I feel a lot.

Coach. Yoga-Teacher. Artist. Graphic Designer

Lived several lifes in India.


I started my career as a graphic-designer as I always loved to design beautiful things. I really thought, THAT is the job for the rest of my life!

I came more and more in touch with my body, my old-worn belief systems,

what I wanted from life and what I had to change. I struggeled with my body

since 6th grade in school. All the other girls looked so feminine and curvy and

I was just not like that. I had wide shoulders and small legs, cause I did a lot of

sports that time. But I felt that there was something wrong with me.

I thought I was not a „real woman“ and that this is not attractive to men at all.

I thought it was all about looks. I compared myself with others, I never wore

short skirts. I hated my body for how it looked like.

... I went on a trip to India and a wonderful friend showed me the place where she became a yoga teacher. I immediately knew, I had to come back. I felt so at home.

My decision was clear. I quited my job and stayed in that Ashram in India for 8 months. Such a big turning point in my life!

The journey back to my self started it India. I started to realize that there is so much more to discover in this life, that I am not only my body, that we are so conditioned and that we need to come back to who we really are. To see ourselves as that divine being in this beautiful vessel. I had a very hard time in loving myself.

Several situations just showed me that. By being rejected, I got the chance to

realize that I first have to accept and love myself  before others can do.

Cause my outside is just reflecting my inside.


I was so fascinated about self-developement and spirituality, that I knew I also had to change something about my job. I couldn’t go back to an office job.

But then what? 

I was helping out my parents while I tried to figure out what I really wanted to do and in a time where I doubted myself and my purpose in this life I was looking for someone who could help me with that. Over a book about shamanism and about

„Bringing back the soul pieces“

I was looking for a shaman that was in my area and not long after I had a

session where I was told that my purpose in life lies within my heart chakra.

In helping other people.

So everything started to fall into place and I came across the

Beautiful You Life Coaching course.


So here I am.

Absolutely thrilled to help you beautiful woman

to live the best life you can imagine! 



I believe that everyone is here for a reason and that everything we experience happens for a reason. We learn from every experience we have and that in fact there is no right or wrong. It’s just OUR view on it.


Everything comes from that one source,

so how could anything not be divine?!


When you are ready to choose YOU

and that sensual, spiritual, heart-centered, empowered and juicy life you always wanted,

please feel free to reach out for a

free complimentary consult

It is an absolute pleasure

to walk this path with you.


This coaching was truly deep and soulful! 

The biggest change I can see is the connection to myself and my spiritual side. I feel calmer and more centered in my career, with the ability to find a much better balance between work and self care. I feel a peace inside that I haven't felt for years! I began to really feel good inside and out and my friends and family definitely noticed that change. I’m calmer, healthier and happier! Melina was amazing at helping me through this process with her support, her ideas and this safe environment she created where I was able to open up and share my experiences. She is such a lovely, soulful human being and her ability to hold space is simply wonderful. I felt truly listened to and supported by her every step of the way. 


Rachel Sakhi

Life Coach, United Kingdom

much love, 

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