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Are you ready to claim back your feminine power and feel sensualy & spiritually connected to yourself

to live the most fulfilling life?

I am the life coach that can

take you there!


You feel disconnected from your self, from your truth, from your desires?

You know you have to fill your cup first before serving others, but you don’t know how?

You want to feel connected to your body, accepting & loving every part of it?

You want to feel confident, empowered and whole in your feminine essence?

You want to express yourself without shame or fear of being judged?


I know what it’s like to feel disconnected to "who I am". I struggled with my body

almost my whole life. I found my body shape too „masculine“ and I gained weight

so easily. There was so much shame about myself, so much negative self-talk.

All together with societal expectations I had the belief not to „fit in“, not being enough. Not being attractive the way I look. Not worthy of being loved.

Not whole cause I was dependant on others opinion and their love.

So who was I without them? Anxious, insecure, small and unworthy.

Everything was based on looks, on the outside.


In spirituality, yoga and dance I found back to my core essence.

The better my connection with myself was, the better was everything around me.

I had so much more compassion for others, I was grounded in myself.

The more connected I was to myself and my body, the more whole and satisfying

my life was. In loving my body I’ve never felt more juicy and sensual and real.

Love and happiness starts within yourself.

I’m here to help you re-connect to who you truly are

and to enjoy this amazing divine tool we all get to

FEEL ALL THE FEELS: our body. Our temple.

The biggest struggle, yet the most important and fundamental purpose in life is to truly and fully love & accept WHO YOU ARE

You probaby know that feeling when you achieved all on the outside, yet inside there is this big, undefined whole and you don’t know how to fill it up. There is no real happiness that comes from outside sources. Fill up your cup first and it will reflect on the outside. Feel love & joy inside and you start overflowing!

You will feel empowered and confident when you know WHO you are & WHAT you want!

You won’t feel alone or dependant on others cause you know we are all connected and never alone. You will know that life is not about „good“ and „bad“, it’s how YOU perceive it

and how YOU want to see it.

You will feel that everything has a purpose in life and that you are here for a reason.

You will feel your worthiness from inside,

cause you’re connected to this one source where all is coming from. This divine

source, and you are a part of it.



You will realize that this unique body that „you chose!“ (before you

incarnated in this lifetime) is giving you the opportunity to FEEL.

What would you feel without a body?!

I hear you, there are lot of „negative, bad“ emotions you have to deal

with from time to time. We all have. But for your soul it doesn’t matter if

this is good or bad, your soul wants to experience.


You will enjoy looking at yourself in awe

about how amazing & beautiful you are. 

You will create an intimacy with YOURSELF.

An honest, vulnerable, raw relationship with your Self.

This is only the starting point, but this is absolutely KEY.


This coaching really helped me to become MY OWN BOSS again and take responsibility for my life! 

Even though I had a lot of therapy sessions and do a lot of self-development, I was surprised how far this coaching would guide me! The time before this coaching I was stressed, I was not happy nor very friendly with myself and with every session we had, I felt much more positive! I switched from "control over eating & sports" to "eating more intuitively" of what I feel is good for me in every moment and also not to torment myself with too much sports.

 Instead I found a balance which makes me feel much more relaxed in my body & in my mind. Melina really opened up my horizon, she holds great space, has a lot of spiritual knowledge and she is so kind and authentic which I loved! 

Laura Marstatt
Teacher, Germany

My role as your spiritual self-love coach is to ensure you achieve a loving & sensual relationship with yourself. To create a strong foundation to build that bridge between spirituality and your body. Cause I truly believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Together we will create a sacred space

for you to open up and discover



What your deep desires and wishes are and from there finding ways to manifest them.

We will create a wonderful daily self-care routine to ground & center yourself, so you can life day by day empowered and confident.

We will strenghten your intuition and change your mindset to feel worthy,

whole and loved. You will set healthy boundaries as a result of loving yourself,

saying „No“ to others while saying „Yes“ to yourself.


You will express yourself without shame, self-judgment or negative self-talk

(like: „What are people thinking of me?“ or „Who am I to think I can do this?“)

and making decisions from a place of love instead of fear.

We will raise your consciousness about who you are and

your relationship with yourself (and others).

We will build a divine space in yourself where you

feel whole, safe and held, no matter what.

To come back to it whenever you wish and whenever you need it.

We discover ways to make you feel amazing in your body and how you can transform your entire life with this new empowering, sensual, feminine energy that is already within you.

You are so ready to choose yourself.

So ready to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. Cause you are an aspect of the divine,

a creating source, THE creator of your life and it’s time to claim back your POWER and

BE who you really are!


Client Love



Our 3 month 1:1 coaching series together include:

< 30min Clarity Call & Questionnaire to get super clear on what you really want 

< 1 x 90min Goal Setting Skype Session where we create uplifting & empowering goals 

as the foundation of your Coaching Series

< 5 x 60min Skype sessions where we explore your

core desires and plan incredible action steps towards them

< 1 chakra reading in session 1 to find out its conditions and what that means

< in-between actions, creative & deep-diving journal activities and

worksheets & some surprises intuitively picked for you

< Intuitive tarot card guidance each session with powerful questions

< unlimited email & whatsapp support Monday-Friday

whenever you need it between the sessions!



Your investment in yourself for this 3 month coaching experience: 

900€ (paid in full) OR 3 monthly instalments of 333€.

This price is all-inclusive.


My intuitive style of coaching works best with women who have a connection to

spirituality or are in the beginning to discover their spiritual path.

Women who are open and passionate to create the best life possible!

Women who feel lost in who they are, but feel that there is always a way.

Women who are ready to discover their sensual and emotional self and build

that bridge between the manifested and unmanifested realms.

Women who are SO ready to step into their power and love themselves and their body.

Women who are done with these societal expectations about what a woman has to be or look like, who are done with playing small and done with hiding THEIR LIGHT. 

What do you have to lose in telling me more about your wonderful self and your dreams

and desires and what you are hoping you can create for yourself? Nothing!

Click here to access my pre-coaching questionnaire.


You think you are not worth it?

Sister, you are. If now is not the right time for you to take up coaching - I get that - but please know you don’t have to be anything or anyone more than you are

right now to truly benefit from putting yourself first. 


Can’t afford it?

Please don’t place yourself under any serious financial strain to work

with me, but it’s also great to consider: how much is it going to cost

you to continue to be stuck where you are? What are things costing

you right now that can be changed for the better? 



Not sure if we are a great match? 

To find out if we vibe well together please feel free to contact me and getting my pre-coaching questionnaire and once I’ve received your words, we’ll book a 30min chat to see & feel if we’re a great match to walk this path together.

Rachel Sakhi
Life Coach for Women Abroad

This coaching was truly deep and soulful! 

The biggest change I can see is the connection to myself and my spiritual side. I feel calmer and more centered in my career, with the ability to find a much better balance between work and self care. I feel a peace inside that I haven't felt for years! I began to really feel good inside and out and my friends and family definitely noticed that change. I’m calmer, healthier and happier! Melina was amazing at helping me through this process with her support, her ideas and this safe environment she created where I was able to open up and share my experiences. She is such a lovely, soulful human being and her ability to hold space is simply wonderful. I felt truly listened to and supported by her every step of the way. 

Please know that there are no questions off limit,

so feel free to contact me or ask me anything whenever you

need more information or you just want to say hi! 

Much love, Melina

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